And the Winners Are…

The BSL Holiday Treats contest is now officially closed for this year. We are pleased to announce the lucky winners of the Holiday Treats Gift Packs:

Marcelle Labelle, Rogers
James Dolan, Ottawa Tourism and Convention Authority
Caroline Clouston, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
Kim Meier, Brookstreet Resort
Michelle Hill, Alcatel-Lucent
Deborah Woodman, Canadian Medical Association
Nancy Bickford, Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

The goodies in the Holiday Treats gift packs were baked lovingly by the
Mississippi Grannies. Funds raised from this bake sale go to the Grandmothers to Grandmothers campaign that helps support families affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa, launched by the Stephen Lewis Foundation in 2006.

Happy Holidays from all of us at BSL!


Kitchen Encounters:
Cooking up a Holiday Treat

The Idea:

After hearing some conversations at lunch one day, something made me think of an idea. We could send out a BSL holiday cookbook. 10-12 pages in pdf format, so clients would be able to print it out. Staff can submit their holiday faves. We could print them out and have them bound for whoever wants one. We could send out a teaser like What's Cooking at BSL for the Holidays followed up by the cookbook. All the recipes would be baked for a certain day and a lucky client would be drawn to win a basket of fresh baked goods — the recipes in the booklet. Could be posted on our blog.

Just throwing it out there.
— Barry

The Response:

This sounds nice and warm and friendly (& memorable) to me…
— Chris

I think it's a great idea, Barry. It's electronic and so client's can print it out if they want to. It would be a real keeper and something that staff can really participate in and enjoy as well.
— Mary Ellen

I think it’s really nice! I should probably let you know what happened the last time I made Angel Food cake. Let’s put it this way … it didn’t look ANYTHING like the photo you’ve included! I think this will go over really well with the staff.
— Nancy

Meet the bakers

Download your own Holiday Treats recipe book

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Meet the bakers

The Stories:

Hmmmm… my challenge was that it was a two day process to make them (nothing like instant gratification) and an even bigger challenge was not eating the yummy peanut butter balls before they got their chocolate-y coating.
— Carolyn

I had to squeeze in the somewhat time-consuming process of making bread into a busy weekend, and it was tricky in that my mom had all of the ingredients for the bread, including the most important component - the food processor - at her house in the East end, when I now live in the West end. I had to transport the quickly-rising dough from there to my place - the dough sitting on the seat next to me in a big bowl covered loosely with plastic wrap - with heat turned up to a comfortable temperature it would take kindly to... Other challenges came when it came time to braid it, I didn't have a pan large enough so I had to be creative, and when it came time to bake it I realized I didn't have even one egg yolk so had to quickly make a trip to the store in the snowstorm!
— Julie

My biggest challenge was trying to decorate enough cookies well to photograph (I have a reputation to uphold after all those years of art college!). The icing was not co-operating! If that wasn’t difficult enough, I had to keep my husband and son from eating the nicely decorated ones (which looked much more enticing than the others) before the photo shoot.
— Nancy

The minute I knew we were going to do the Holiday Treats recipe book – I knew I wanted to find my mom’s “Jam Surprises” recipe to submit. The first challenge is that the recipe was handwritten by my mom and had very short, vague directions. Obviously she had made them a lot and just “knew” what to do when she made them. I had to figure out how to make a soft dough and also how long to cook them. I didn’t really know what she meant when it said to seal the corners either. After a visit with my Aunt Emily this weekend I found out something that makes the recipe even more special to me – it was actually my grandmother’s recipe! I didn’t even know that…
— Chris

I'm so far from being in the same class at making biscotti as my mom and sister — but I had a blast taking on the task anyway! Taking the photos of everyone's yummy creations was also a lot of fun. It was hard not to take a nibble while looking behind the camera at the sweets! So get dunkin’!
— Barry

Download your own Holiday Treats recipe book

Enter to win some sweet sensations

Meet the bakers