The Museum Experience

This is a Motion Graphics piece we recently did for
The War Museum & Museum of Civilization. If you're attending Bluesfest this year, you can see it playing on the jumbotron! Or whatever that big screen thing is called.

HOPE 2010: The Do-Over

BSL hit the beach this weekend for HOPE Beach Volleyball Summerfest, and karma was upon us. We had fingers crossed for good weather, to make up for last year's epic bust (the first ever rainout in HOPE history), and to the delight of thousands it was pretty close to perfect.

Despite a few excess degrees in temperature (certain areas felt like we were all standing in a giant frying pan), the day was a smashing success. Without much practice, BSL won four out of the five games played, and had a wicked good time doing it. But perhaps the greatest victory came first at 7am, when a select group of us early birds secured some prime real estate by our beach court, just before the droves of partiers began trickling in.

Friendly faces were everywhere (even from the teams we shamed with our skills), music was blaring, and for those of you who can't resist a good day of people-watching, it was a marvelous circus of DIY uniforms, scantily-clad men AND women (of all shapes, sizes and ages) and a hilarious mix of every game face you can imagine - from the ultra-competitive (many of my teammates) to the staunchly recreational (me).

Over the years HOPE has raised more than $3.5 million for over 110 charities, with 2010 proceeds going to Operation Come Home, Ottawa Humane Society, Sheperds of Good Hope,

(The full album of photos will be posted to our Flickr account soon).