Zeta’s Top Ten in ‘10

We’re approaching the year’s end and you know what that means… well, besides the holidays and all of its ensuing hooplah. December is the month when pop culture gets its annual report card. Official and unofficial critics from all over the web, television and print media wrap up the year by weighing in on what “made the list” in a myriad of categories.

Social media has made these annual assessments all the more legitimate, by giving us the ability to capture real discussions from real people, painting an even more accurate picture of who liked what this year. Zeta Interactive, a company based out of New York that mines blogs, comments on Twitter, message boards and posts in social media, has compiled its’ top ten list of ads that have generated the most buzz in 2010.

* One interesting thing to note in this list is how many of these ads actually exceed two minutes – a definite foreshadowing into the death of the 30-second spot.

1. Axe – “Clean Your #*&!” (*careful – this one has some highly suggestive innuendo)

2. Nike – “Rise

3. Google - “Parisian Love

4. Old Spice - “Smell Like a Man, Man

5. Domino’s Pizza - “Making It Right”

6. Nike - “Human Chain

7. Snickers – SuperBowl Spot

8. Red Bull – “Way Back Home

9. Adidas - “Fast Don’t Lie

10. K-Swiss – “Tubes


BSL Christmas 2010

The glitz was in full effect this past Saturday, as BSL rolled up to Arc the Hotel for our 2010 Christmas Party. No style was spared, as the evening welcomed a cornucopia of fashions – black lace, red satin, suspenders, pin stripes, bow ties, no ties, a whole lotta heels, and one fedora that sure did make the rounds. In summary, BSL was lookin’ fresh to death.

Beyond our wardrobe, BSL kept the tradition strong by spending a large portion of our evening and our energy tearing up the dance floor of the Arc Lounge (fueled by a notable variety of libations). But throughout the night it became clear that our group just couldn’t be contained in one area. So we spilled the party vibe over to the hotel itself, and spread our audible Christmas cheer throughout most of the second floor (on which many of us had reserved rooms, in lieu of a cab home).

It’s been a long and busy year for us at BSL, and it seems we were able to blow off a relatively proportionate amount of steam on Saturday, in celebration of all that we’ve accomplished. Despite a few quiet regrets from those who found themselves slightly “overserved” that night – it has been widely hailed that the 2010 BSL Christmas Party was officially off the chain.

Check out some of the highlights on our Flickr page.