Social Media: A Strategic Mix

More now than ever, we are all trying to improve our online brand presence. There are numerous Social Networking tools that are being used effectively to do this. But before going overboard and trying to leverage each and every one of them, you have to think about the right mix and integration for your business.

Jumping into social networking headfirst and simply signing up for everything is like trying to shoot a fly with an elephant gun. One of the tools you use might actually be accomplishing your objective, but which one is it?

Doing some research on each
Social Media tool and coming to a definitive conclusion of the marketing objectives they can and can't accomplish seems to be a reasonable first step.

Once the most beneficial Social tools are decided upon, they must be properly integrated! Some companies have Facebook groups, but don't have any links to the group on their corporate website. The Facebook group page on it's own will not sustain itself unless it is integrated into the other Social Tools you are using.

Decide what objectives you want to accomplish, determine what Social Media tools can assist you, and link them all to one another.