Web 2.0 - the other revolution

I held a couple of round-table discussions on Web 2.0 at the Marcom conference in Ottawa this past week. I spoke about Web 2.0. I began my discussion by defining the concept and talked about how Web 2.0 is both a set of tools and a change in attitude among consumers. We had a great discussions with some great folks in the public and not-for-profit sectors. Almost all of them are planning the next generation of their web presence to take into consideration the immense opportunities that Web 2.0 tools support.

I came away with as many questions as I had tried to answer in the conference. If the tools have changed, and end user attitudes have changed, what needs to change inside an organization to make the most of it? How do people and organizations move from considering their websites as a technical issue toward a platform for dialogue? Could this be the other Web 2.0 revolution?

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