Denise Takes the Cake

This past Thursday BSL reached the end of an era. We bid farewell to our beloved Production artist, Denise Irvine, as she prepares for her next chapter in Kingston. Having worked at BSL for 16 years, Denise was more than just an employee, but an undoubted influence on the entire culture of the agency.

Always smiling, and always wearing at least one piece of vibrant attire, Denise was known to brighten up any room upon arrival. She was also known to keep that famous smile gleaming during even the most panicked projects brought her way (as a stand-in Traffic Manager, I know she sure made my job easier).

But beyond the sparkly attitude, and staunchly diligent work ethic, Denise was the Birthday Hero! In a staff of just over thirty, Denise took on the incredible task of baking each and every staff member a cake on their birthday. As nothing more than a colossal gesture out of the kindness of her heart, Denise truly brought the BSL family closer together, by making each of us feel acknowledged and appreciated on our birthdays, and of course - giving everyone else the excuse to eat a generous piece of layered chocolate cake at 10 in the morning.

There is much to miss about Denise, and I speak for everyone when I say she better show her face whenever she's in the area... possibly with a carrot cake for old time's sake?

Here are some highlights from her bittersweet send-off:

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