Banfield-Seguin: our company profile video

As a full service marketing communications agency, we sometimes feel like the cobbler's children--we are so busy creating great work for our clients that we don't have time to do it for ourselves.

Fortunately that was not the case with our company profile video. Our video team worked hard between client commitments to tell the story of our agency--from our beautiful stone heritage building in hip Ottawa neighbourhood Hintonburg; to our dynamic leadership team and working style; to the personality of our nearly 40 full-time employees.

This is Banfield-Seguin:


  1. This really sums us up so beautifully. I like watching it over and over. And not just the parts I'm in. Really.

    1. mmhmm, sure Christina! Seriously though, I am extremely proud of our video team (and of our company as a whole!).

  2. Almost as good as the Mcmillan one