Thanks to the IABC, I actually enjoyed networking

Generally, when I hear the term “networking”, I feel like running in the opposite direction. Even though I am an extrovert, I still find the concept uncomfortable. But this past Wednesday evening, I experienced IABC Ottawa's 4th Annual Networking in the New Year event and was happily surprised by the experience. 

IABC Ottawa had invited me to participate as one of the event’s “experts”. I discovered that the format of the evening allowed for making many new connections very easily and comfortably. Seven or eight participants sat at each table and the experts visited each table for about 10 minutes. Moving from table to table, discussing the topic of “Creative Marketing Strategy” with all the participants, I had numerous interesting and insightful conversations with a variety of seasoned communicators, from political communications advisors to social media consultants to entrepreneurs. The event also included several students from Carleton and Algonquin College, and as always, I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and energy bright young people can bring to a discussion. 

 So I wanted to extend my thanks to the IABC Ottawa team for the invitation and congratulate them on a well-run, productive and fun networking event.

Photographer: John Finnigan Lin

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