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Today I received an email from my brother asking for my money.

Let me clarify: my brother was asking for money on behalf of the
'Ride for Heart' event put on by the Heart and Stroke Foundation. He'll be participating in a 75 km bike ride (on his old mountain bike) and wants sponsors. His email starts out with a personal plea to donate (including an actual 'PLEEEEEEASE!'), followed by the very well-worded template copy derived by the Foundation.

Of course I donated, but not just because I think this is a worthy cause, but mostly because it's my brother. See, I like the idea of the torture he'll endure 'mountain biking' 75 km on pavement. Last time he climbed the CN Tower stairs. That was good too.

I arrived at his personalized web page which prominently displayed his fundraising meter, indicating he'd achieved over 50% of his goal after just a few days. Then, to the right, was the "Honour Roll" scrolling through the names of his donating peers.

I completed my transaction and up popped the 'Confirmation' page. I was immediately able to download my PDF receipt. Very cool. Now I want to see my name on that scrolly list on his page... But how do I get back to it? There was absolutely no link in sight to bring me back to my brother's page (though the page did also include a 'Thank-you' message, bullets on how the money will be used, 'contact us', etc). Even the email that arrived in my inbox a minute later did not contain a link to his personal page.

Such a simple thing, why would they have left it out? It was such a smooth and impressively easy process up to that point.

Could it have been an oversight on the Foundation's part? Even as a charity that otherwise portrays themselves as innovative and advanced? Or maybe I'm the only one vain enough to care about seeing my name on the 'honour roll'. Perhaps I didn't see enough of that while I was in school...

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