Geopepper Ups the Ante: Social Networking Hits the Streets

If you’ve got a PC and a pulse, chances are pretty good that you’ve also befriended Facebook or MySpace, been Linked In, or been known to Flickr, perhaps even Twitter, from time to time.

Social networking may seem ubiquitous these days, but it hasn’t truly been everywhere. There’s always been a physical distance between you and your social networks. Until now.

Imagine if you took them wherever you went. Imagine if you knew when one of your “friends” was just around the corner. Imagine if you were given a heads up when one of your big clients was also at the airport waiting for a flight. Imagine if you were notified when you were passing one of your contacts favourite restaurants or coffee shops.

Sound futuristic? Well, it may be. But it’s also here now. Global communications leader and BSL client
Alcatel-Lucent has already developed a solution to make all of this — and much more — possible. Geopepper is their location-based service (LBS), and it’s closing the gap, bringing you and your social networks together with new opportunities to connect like never before.

Let me give you a few examples of what this technology can do:

1) Location-based social networking. You can allow your friends and contacts from your existing social networking sites to ping your mobile device with geographically based messages. These can be personal (Since you’re in the area, check out this fantastic used book store!) or business related (Just arriving? Don’t forget we’re meeting the clients at 3:00).

2) Proximity marketing. Say someone has opted-in to receive marketing messages on their cell phone that fit their interests. When they come within a kilometre of your business, they could be sent a Geographic Messaging Service (GMS) message (Widgets 50% off at 123 Elm Street). Since they’re already in the neighbourhood and have indicated an affinity for widgets, they are much more likely to stop by. The same applies whether we’re talking about coffee or cars. The term “street level advertising” will soon take on a whole new meaning.

3) Travel info and guides. Imagine touring around London and having tourist and/or historical information pushed out to you as you approach points of interest. (Big Ben! Parliament!) It’s like having a tour guide in your pocket, without all the awkwardness that would probably entail.

The possibilities are exciting — and virtually endless. You can learn more in this
Geopepper video.

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