Iridium is Officially Everywhere

From a brand perspective,
Iridium is very well known all around the world, for two reasons. The first reason is a good one. They are the maker of superior satellite phones – ones featured in movies like James Bond, where our hero is magically connected from the middle of nowhere. The second reason is less complimentary. They have been previously recognized for their audacious vision of global connectivity sending them straight to the brink of financial disaster. But that was then. This is now. Their vision remains audacious. They own the only true global communications network, built from the top down. Their satellites and devices have succeeded brilliantly, serving solutions to maritime and land-based markets all over the world. This is where we come in. Iridium has initiated a strategy to revitalize its brand globally. From the launch of new products to corporate re-branding, Iridium wants the world to know that their highly successful company is poised to become the global leader in providing reliable, critical lifelines. Iridium is indeed everywhere.

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