Dwayne Brown strikes again!

Dwayne Brown is a wicked photographer.

Not only is he one of the nicer guys you'll meet, but he's also packing some serious talent behind the lens. Having first officially met Dwayne when I was a student at Algonquin College, I can tell you that the kids definitely think he's alright (Dwayne has also shot for the University of Ottawa, Ashbury College, Elmwood School and Carleton University). And the tourism industry sure has benefited from Dwayne's talent (his photography has helped promote Ottawa, Ontario and Calgary Tourism, as well as a few resorts and hotels peppered here and there). Apparently seeing a city through Dwayne's eyes can have a pretty enticing effect.

BSL has had the good fortune of working with Dwayne on several occasions, for clients like the National Arts Centre and Alcatel Lucent (I've even been a subject!). But just this past week, Dwayne and BSL teamed up for our client, the Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa. The YSB is a non-profit organization responsible for working with young people who face various challenges, and is focused on helping them make healthier lifestyle choices towards a brighter future. This week it was Dwayne's job to capture some portraits of these youth for an upcoming campaign. The end result turned out to be a batch of really great photos, from what Dwayne says was a really great experience. See for yourself!

Dwayne Brown is a name that pops up everywhere. And this is no joke. I recently discovered (via Facebook!) that Dwayne even captured the magic at my sister's wedding, years ago! I would chalk this up to a small world circumstance - but I suspect it just comes down to how good he really is. Everyone wants to see the world through Dwayne's eyes.

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