Happy New Year!

It is official. First Monday of 2010. Feelings are mixed around the office, as you can imagine. Some of us (me) are feeling relieved that the parade of yuletide excess is over. But rest assured that
many others are feeling they could have used just one more sleep-in, or just one more day of shopping, or just one more tray of those chocolates with booze in them.

Regardless of the wide spectrum of Monday enthusiasm here at BSL, one thing is for sure: 2009 rocked. Last year at this time, our gloomy economy had us preparing for quiet times ahead. But any of us can tell you – these quiet times never came. As the seasons passed, we found ourselves knee-deep in tradeshow booth designs, new websites, promotional videos, multimedia presentations, social media, wikis, and so much more. In addition to the ongoing stream of new projects, we also had the good fortune of welcoming a list of new clients as well.

This December, amidst the chaos of year’s end, the team at BSL managed to balance out all of our hard work with a little playtime. We gussied up and really wound down at this year’s Christmas party, hosted by Foundation in the Market. Shortly after we welcomed our friends from the National Arts Centre to BSL, to join us as we reflected on the year’s successes and gorged on some delectable holiday fare. And as one final reward, our generous clients at Iridium Communications treated all of us to lunch at Lago restaurant on Dow’s Lake. Indulgence was the theme of the month, without a doubt. And we earned it.

So here’s to a great year, a great holiday, and a great feeling about what’s to come in 2010.

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