Happy Birthday BSL

The gang at BSL got together and celebrated our 37th anniversary this past Friday. As a matter of fact, we actually have a few official milestones we can celebrate – but we found another one, giving us the gleaming excuse to have a "happy hour on steroids" after a very busy week.

Yes, the discovery of one simple legal document confirming the original Banfield as an official corporation on August 13th, 1973 enabled us to toast to the BSL back-story. And anyone who has worked at BSL understands that these kinds of events can end in myriad ways – sometimes it’s half the company playing pool at the Elmdale til 1am, other times it’s the whole company bustin’ moves in the Market. In this case it wound up a select few, fulfilling a fictional obligation to finish the leftover alcohol and engaging in simultaneous power chats at the boardroom table.

Quite fittingly, the photos I took of the occasion happen to be just as blurry as my memories of it. But somehow I’m still able to classify it as a night to remember.

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