More Bells and Whistles for BSL

I was at a party this past Friday, and found myself in the company of two wildly passionate photographers. Cut from two very different cloths (one a professional photographer and videographer for a popular salon downtown and the other a critically acclaimed, somewhat controversial trailblazer on the Ottawa art scene) these two spent the better part of the evening gushing over how the Canon 5D has changed their lives and work as they know it. Under normal circumstances this topic would be considerably irrelevant to me – but since BSL has picked up their own 5D recently, I could actually admit I knew what the fuss was about.

This year the BSL Digital Studio has been getting some serious nips and tucks, since welcoming Motion Graphics Specialist Sean Cusson. As BSL’s New Media Director Sean has been largely responsible for this boost – by bringing his own skills to the table, training other staff in new media (such as 3D animation), and adding some shiny new tools to the box.

Since the face lift BSL is now able to make the majority of our clients’ digital dreams come true in house – with full capability to produce high-quality photography and video, after effects, rendering, editing – a considerable gamut. But beyond the technology itself, Sean’s close connections with the video industry have also given BSL access to a large pool of local talent – making the search for the perfect subject a breeze.

Like they say – the proof is in the pudding. And since we love pudding here – we’ll let the tools and talent speak for themselves. Check out this video we did for the Canadian War Museum and Museum of Civilization – all shot with the 5D. And here’s a sneak peek at a video shoot we just had for a very – *ahem* – exciting new project (also shot with the 5D, featuring some hot, fresh talent).

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