Another Close-up on QNX

The BSL video team was at it again yesterday, for another shoot with our clients at QNX Software Systems. For those who don’t know – QNX has been developing highly reliable software that has impacted virtually every sector you can think of. From aerospace to coal mining, cars to microwaves, even online shopping and hospital bed monitoring – QNX technologies are everywhere, and they’re evolving the way we live.

Starring the Connected Car once again (alongside the talent of QNX Product Marketing Manager Andy Gryc), this particular video will be promoting yet another collaborative innovation called Nokia Terminal Mode – the latest game-changer for in-car infotainment. Nokia Terminal Mode is another example of how QNX is helping transform the enjoyment, safety and convenience of our day-to-day lives.

The day itself was a fairly well rounded success – from the achingly beautiful weather (despite Sean’s palpable disdain for the sun) to our always-amicable clients, to the teams’ impressive penchant for problem solving on the spot (lighting and noise control are certainly two of the more challenging variables) – we all left the shoot feeling pretty good.

Check out our Flickr page for a glimpse of the team at work. Or take a look at our first shoot to see how it all began.

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