Bridging the Gap

This week we helped Alcatel-Lucent launch the official website for their new brand Optism, a game-changing solution for the mobile advertising industry. With many key players involved in the game, Optism was created to leverage the opportunities that lie within the valuable network/subscriber relationship, and pave the way for true one-to-one advertising, by way of a little something called Permission Marketing.

Permission Marketing begins with network operators adding value for their subscribers in exchange for submitting more personal information, which operators can then translate into an audience profile. As part of the exchange for a greater network value, subscribers are then asked to opt in to receive advertising that specifically suits their needs and wants, based on their customer profile.

For advertisers, this is highly appetizing. Permission Marketing in the mobile space is making the dream of one-to-one advertising become a reality. Marketers have long fantasized about being able to speak directly to their customer, and now that network operators are able to harvest this inventory of valuable and volunteered audience information – the relationship between customer and advertiser just got a whole lot closer.

Optism forms partnerships with leading agencies, brands and mobile operators worldwide, to ensure that each link grabs its place in the value-chain. Operators benefit from a stronger relationship with their subscriber while generating revenue from this new advertising inventory. Advertisers are able to engage one-on-one with a receptive audience, through interactive and measurable campaigns. And finally the subscriber is benefitting from a network relationship that now offers them greater value, while being targeted by advertising that is tailored specifically to them, without the extra clutter.

Everyone wants a piece of the mobile ad pie, and Optism is serving everyone up a slice. Check out their website that was branded, designed and developed by BSL.

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