Hooray for Thursday: Launching Ottawa This Week

Notice anything different in your mailbox recently? No, not that surprise “gift bag” left by Halloween pranksters. We’re talking about the inaugural copy of Ottawa This Week, a new weekly newspaper that landed on doorsteps across metro Ottawa last Thursday.

Ottawa This Week features “hyper-local” content such as neighbourhood news, humorist Charles Gordon, community calendar and special events listings, and local sports scores. And it promises to be invaluable for families planning their shopping and activities — just in time for the weekend!

This last became the focus of the kick-off campaign.

In keeping with their local commitment, publisher Metroland Media chose Banfield-Seguin to help launch their newest paper in the heart of Ottawa. We developed OC Transpo king boards proclaiming Thursday the new start of the week, while radio spots brought excited pro-Thursday declarations to a fevered pitch.

Print ads in Metroland’s surrounding community newspapers heralded the coming of Ottawa This Week to readers and to potential advertisers who would, for the first time, be able to reach the entire region. In OTW itself, one ad calls upon readers to submit their local event information, sports scores, and letters to the editor, while another encourages local businesses to advertise locally. Not a bad idea, really.

Since Metroland publishes over 100 community newspapers in Ontario with a combined distribution of nearly 5 million copies, advertisers can target specific neighbourhoods or connect with the entire region while enjoying some of the lowest CPMs (costs per thousand) of any media in the area.

So this Thursday, have a look in your mailbox and rejoice — the weekend is almost here!

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