ng Connect Solution Concept Series

The BSL office has felt noticeably quiet this last week and a half, as many of us have been sporadically swept offsite to participate in a series of videos for our clients at ng Connect.

In this new world of network-driven content, the Solution Concept video series will illustrate how demand is the driving force behind emerging opportunities in consumer technologies and solutions. Each video details how the multi-partner, multi-discipline ecosystem approach of ng Connect is ideal – not only for conceiving and developing solution concepts, but for quickly evolving them from ideation to market reality. If commercialized, these solutions have the potential to revolutionize a great many industries, from professional photography to advertising to perhaps most critically – our health sector.

A significant project in scope, the video series recently graduated from the months-long planning stage, and was quickly kick-started into production. Shooting a series of three videos, that require multiple days and locations for each, is not easy. The project has required a sizeable expansion in the number of hands on deck, and the BSL Video Team has been expanded for the occasion.

Throughout the shoots, BSL has spared no opportunity to take advantage of the new toys in our video department. All three videos are being shot with the Canon 5D, and to convey the journalistic approach the series calls for, the camera (along with BSL Motion Media Director Sean Cusson) has been strapped to the Steadi-cam for days (a handy tool for creating a smooth ‘spectator’ look and feel for each shot). The project has also required the recruitment of some outside talent including a Productions Manager, Sound Technician and Locations Manager, to further ensure high-quality production from all angles.

The team is at it again today, with all shooting scheduled to be fully wrapped by next week. Several of us were lucky enough to be part of the big project, and have been capturing the moments on Flickr as they happen.

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