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I love letter forms and playing with words… my admiration for typography is one big reason I became interested in being a designer.

Seb Lester also loves letterforms. He works in London as a type designer, illustrator and artist. He has completed typefaces and type illustrations for such big shots as Apple, Nike, Intel on the list goes on and on. His passion for letterforms and type is huge. He creates works that are very organic and ornate having masterd the skill of embellishment.

Note: In the last visual (the Van Gogh quote) the type is actually made up thousands of tiny stars!

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  1. I had a subject in highschool which was simply called ''the letter''. It was too cool, because we were practicing to write all: from hieroglyphics to modern letters. My favourite was gothic textura.
    I love Seb Lester's work. It is awsome. My teacher once told me about him, but I thought it was not worth checking out. Well, when I finally checked out his work, I was surprised how good he is.

    Keep up with the great blog! :)