QNX to Developers: What have YOU worked on lately?

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning, and noticed a friend posting a plea for any talented developers that might be looking for a job. I would have lingered a little longer on it, but all of the good developers I know are spoken for. So I said a little prayer for him and scrolled on.

In this day and age, everyone is after a good developer. They are our modern day heroes. They’re the ones who take all of this magical, mysterious technology and actually make those applications you’re dying for. And depending on the company, they could make a whole lot more than just games for your phone.

Software developers are responsible for powering most of what we encounter every day. From creating special effects in movies, to changing the way we shop online, to making sure our medication is safe to take, to making a plane be able to fly, and even keeping us cool in the checkout line. This world runs on the work of developers.

Imagine working somewhere that actually did all of those things. Sounds a little ominous (like some sort of Head Office of Earth or something) – but it is in fact, a reality. This reality is called QNX, and they happen to power most of the world. QNX Software Systems is a global company based in Ottawa, and develops software systems for virtually every industry – from electricity and television stations to space travel and even the Internet itself.

At this very moment businesses all over town are taking their call for a good developer to Facebook, Twitter and maybe even a few newspapers. But for those lusted-after developers who are looking for more than just the ol’ been there/done that – QNX has good news.

BSL has created a recruitment campaign (launching this weekend) that dangles a pretty juicy carrot over the heads of the area’s most talented developers. Be on the lookout for QNX’s official call to Be Here and Do This. Or This. Or This.

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