The Opportunity Behind Opt-ins

The potential for direct mobile marketing is growing exponentially every day. In 2010, nearly three quarters of the world’s population were carrying mobile devices in their back pockets. A recent study by the Journal of Electronic Commerce Research reported that the average mobile phone user has their device accessible nearly 14 hours a day. Figures like these have marketers salivating at the prospect of reaching out to consumers one-on-one.

But is the sky really the limit with opt-in mobile marketing, or are users just hitting the ignore button?

The magic behind permission-based marketing is that the relationship between brand and user truly becomes mutually beneficial. The brand targets the user in a personalized, intimate fashion, while the user receives only those messages that are relevant to him/her. Right now big brands like McDonald’s and Nike are sending subscribers messages about the limited-time McRib and the latest neon kicks.

Users who choose to receive these messages are also at liberty to pass the text along to others in their circle. The viral nature of these messages can be extremely powerful, as we all know that messages from a friend or family member earn far more traction than those from Corporation X.

There still remains some mystery behind the future of mobile marketing. For years industry experts have raved of the potential for Location Based Services (LBS) – but we’re still waiting for the boom. Will mobile marketing suffer the same anti-climax? Are marketers just dreaming the impossible dream? Or is our culture really ready to embrace true one-to-one advertising?

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  1. I think you are exactly on the mark here. I am seeing increased demand for mobile push notifications from Gen Y students for everything from deals to exam date reminders. I agree that if the direct push message has value, the time-starved, on-the-go, connected masses will opt-in.
    Thanks for another great post.