A Simple Force

I love this ad! And I am not the only one, having been watched close to 44 million times on youtube I don't think I am alone. It has garnered tons of hype and praise from industry people and audiences alike. It is clean, simple and memorable, contrasting the traditional high production and special effects that dominate this advertising market. It takes one of the most iconic brands and one of the biggest movie series in the world and through humour and emotion it shows off one clear selling point to the car. Advertising doesn't get much better.


  1. Darth Vader, Star Wars, kids, VW...this ad nails their target market: 30-40 somethings, parents/families who love (grew up on) star wars. I love this ad.
    I'm definitely tired of the same old "people driving in a car to some new tune for 30 seconds" ad. This really stands out.