Going Once, Going Twice…

BSL struck the ol’ proverbial gavel this week, in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Network. Breaks for Breast Cancer is a nationwide event that encourages companies across the country to host an office-wide coffee break and ask for donations in exchange for coffee and baked goods.

BSL saw this as a gleaming opportunity to stage one of our classic bake sale/auction bonanzas, to give our donations a little boost. Having previously hosted such events to support the United Way, these auctions require several of us to slave in our kitchens the night before, to produce an excessive spread of delicious treats on which the staff can grossly overbid.

This year welcomed the usual (albeit impressive) range of baking mastery from the employees – the temptation of which was greatly enhanced by our seasoned auctioneer, Ms. Carolyn Eaves. Carolyn knows how to strike that perfect balance between selling both the product and the cause itself – a balance that had some staff bidding up to $80 in one shot!

We are please to report that the event was a smashing success - despite a palpable office-wide sugar crash later that day. But it was all worth it to be able to support such a critical cause. Breast cancer is a startlingly common disease, affecting virtually everyone – family members, friends, co-workers, and of course the brave fighters themselves. Showing our support was a no-brainer.

And as the daughter of a woman who just recently kicked her cancer to the curb, I can tell you I did not think twice about paying 15 bucks for a cupcake.

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