Board Games by Candlelight, Anyone?

Did you ever stop and think about what your environment would be like if all the lights were off? Imagine looking at a global landmark such as the CN Tower encased in darkness?

Well on March 26th at 8:30pm you can experience it for yourself. For one hour, people all over the world will be participating in Earth Hour™ to take a stand against climate change. Started in Sydney, Australia by the World Wildlife Foundation, this now-worldwide event unites us in a 60-minute stand against climate change. Earth Hour™ essentially brings climate change to the forefront and encourages all to think about energy conservation. Washing your clothes in cold water, unplugging anything not in use, keeping your appliances up to date, turning off the lights when not in the room are just some of the ways in which you can do your part!

As an individual, I’ve always embraced conservation and nothing makes me happier than when my passion and my work align! So I am thrilled that BSL is working with Hydro Ottawa to create an ad campaign to raise awareness for this cause.

While we prepare for the big event, we want to know– how will you be spending your hour without power?


  1. Most likely I'll be trying to explain to my seven-year-old why it is so important! Of course, I'll also be proud to know BSL contributed to Hydro Ottawa's campaign, while enjoying the quiet and the dark. And it will remind me of the ice storm in '98. I was in Montreal and we all rediscovered card games and talking by candlelight. It was precious!

  2. I would ask Simon to pick up the guitar and serenade me - no need for TV or radio!