Prepare to Interface: UI/UX Designer Craig Hooper joins BSL

We’re pleased to welcome Craig Hooper to the BSL team as our new UI/UX Designer. What does that mean? User Interface/User Experience Designer. Okay, but what — exactly — does that mean? It means he makes websites better and easier to use for those who actually use them. 

And he’s awesome at it. 

Craig excels at delivering design solutions that provide the end-user with smart, elegant, memorable, and intuitive online experiences, while solving specific problems and meeting business objectives at the same time. His talent for process, layout, conceptualization, typography, and design thinking clearly shows through in his work. 

Craig comes to us with nine years of experience as a professional interaction designer. You name it, he’s done it. He’s plied his trade at agencies, as a freelancer, and as a partner in his own design studio. He’s designed for virtually every sector and industry you can think of. 

And now he’s at BSL, ready to take on the next UI/UX challenge. Maybe yours?

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